Picking Your Perfect Home...Family Edition

by Jennifer Herman Lloyd 05/02/2019

Picking The Perfect Home

Looking for the perfect place to call home for your Family? You’ve been checking the rankings and the latest lists in the various: “Best Cities to Live”, “Best Small Towns”, and “Top Ten Cities to Raise a Family”…BUT, I’m here to give you this little nugget of advice…The perfect location for someone else may NOT be the perfect home for YOU. So, before you chase someone else’s “dream”, let’s look at some of these considerations to help you create a more informed search:

Investigate And Think About What Is Important To You:

Do you value more space, better schools, a larger home? Perhaps you envision your perfect home having that proverbial “white picket fence”? Or maybe your ideal home is located in a town or city with easy walkability…It could be that you dream of a large backyard with room to host great neighborhood gatherings and parties? How about being near great schools or access to Museums and Sports facilities? What gives you a sense of “home”? Being near family or friends? These are all questions that are important to consider in making a decision and streamlining your search.

Consider What You Might Be Giving Up

Moving to the city might mean access to cultural events, a large selection of great restaurants, and/or a short work commute. On the other hand, the suburbs might offer that large home with a yard, parks, nature trails, and playgrounds, or even the perfect school. In either event, keep in mind that a move might take you away from friends and family, or it could give you the opportunity to be closer to family or discover a whole new circle of friends!

The "BIG" Question: Is It Family Friendly?

The criteria researchers use for determining a location's "family friendliness" typically include the following (and are also great guidelines for you to use as well!):

  • Job Market
  • Home Affordability
  • Cost of Living Index
  • Median Household Income
  • Percentage of Home Ownership
  • School Rankings
  • Crime Rates
  • Commuter Times and Delays

It's important to note that rankings can change yearly and even vary depending on the category, so don't just rely on the most recent reports to determine where you might want to live. My Advice: Check back over the past few years and look for trends...for instance: Are the schools improving? Is there more dedicated greenspace? Has public transportation improved? Are the demographics changing? Are businesses moving into or out of the area? Has the cost of living changed? How is your commute? Will you be able to leave work and still  make it to your child's recital or game?

The "Perfect" place for you to call home and raise a family might be a new place where you're sharing a new adventure together...or it might just be the  neighborhood you know best and have already called "Home"!

No Matter what you determine, I can help match you up with the perfect place YOU and YOUR Family will make into the home you're looking for! With 23+ years in the Real Estate business, you can put your trust in me for Advice, Neighborhood Info, Contractors, Buying, Selling, or Investing. Building lasting relationships with Integrity and #RealEstateWithHeart. From the Sale to Beyond, I'm ALWAYS here for YOU...for EVERY Home...For EVERY thing...Your FOREVER Agent. It's YOUR Move, Let's GO!

~ Jen 

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Jennifer Herman Lloyd

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