Check It...Creating Your Ideal Home Checklist

by Jennifer Herman Lloyd 02/16/2019



Finding YOUR NEW home is EXCITING! I mean REALLY exciting! Well, it should be...and clearly it's something that I'm passionate about! Whenever I start working with a new Buyer client, I always recommend taking some time to thoroughly consider what you want and need out of a home....what you want it to look like...and what features you have your heart set on in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. To get you started, here are some of my pointers for creating YOUR "Ideal Home" checklist.

Home Features

  • Let's Get Down to Basics...YOUR Basic Requirements. What do you need in a house? Everyone is different and every client has different needs. Take inventory of your household needs and belongings to determine your basic requirements (outside of course the obvious roof over your head, running water and electricity). If you have children, do you want them to have their own rooms? Do they need a bathroom they can share? Do you need a ground floor room with easy access to the kitchen and living spaces because you or someone you live with can't go up or down flights of stairs? Maybe you’re a single professional or young couple focused on starting a new business, so space for a home office or workshop is at the top of your list. Number of rooms, bathrooms, size of the yard, features and layout of the kitchen, storage space and number, size or openness of living areas are all things to consider when developing your needs list.
  • I Wish List....Desires. What do you want in a house? Separating needs and wants can be difficult when dreaming of your new home. Start with the big and more obvious ones, like a pool or built-in barbecue, crown molding or a chef’s kitchen. You can add many features that you want after the fact. You can install a pool, replace the sliding door with French doors and even add your own crown molding. Setting aside some wants initially can open up your budget to purchasing a home that you can then invest more funds in and install most of the features you want. If you’re not interested in putting additional work into the house once you move in it is helpful to see what features bring up the cost of your new home so you can start thinking about what you can live without when it comes down to crunching numbers and staying within your means.
  • Take it...or Leave it. You have your list (yesss!!) consider what items you entirely can’t live without (from the want or need category) and what you can be more flexible on. Unless you’re building a home from scratch with the perfect budget to boot, you will probably have to be flexible when searching for your home. Reality Check: Not every house will have every single feature on your list. Decide on your most sought after features and apply those to your search. Is it the master bath with his and her sinks that you need? Is it a big yard with a fence, or is it a home with den and living room? Finally, determine which features to keep on the list to help with future resale value, even if they aren’t on your initial needs or wants lists.
  • There's Value in That...Resale Potential. The things you aren’t thinking of. Where does potential resale value fit into your overall home buying plan? Don't dismiss the importance in Resale Value. You might love a home with vintage French windows, but a house with dual-pane windows might add more value to the home when you try to sell it later. Maybe you don’t care about hardwood floors, or you aren’t thinking about ample built-in storage space, but your future buyers are, and you have the opportunity to invest now in added value later.

Before you start your home search or dive too deep into online listings, work with me and we can build your Ideal Home Checklist together. Buy, Sell, New Construction, or Investment, I can help you: [email protected] or 267-446-0667. It's ALL about Real Estate With Integrity AND Heart! 

Happy House Hunting and Let's GO! ~ Jen 

About the Author

Jennifer Herman Lloyd

“Real Estate is not only in my blood, it’s my passion!” ~ As a third generation Realtor, who has been a licensed and active local agent since 1996, I am available to address all of your Real Estate needs. My philosophy is that there’s so much more to Real Estate than just the sale. Real Estate is about Building Relationships…these are strong and lasting relationships with my clients, my fellow agents, and my community. Never a "one-size-fits-all" mentality, I offer a customized approach for each individual client. I am passionate about all facets of Real Estate and believe in the importance of providing my clients with first-class service which includes a high level of professionalism, along with superior negotiating skills, service, and expertise. Having been a Premier Agent with local Home Builders including The David Cutler Group and Guidi Homes, I provide over 16 years of New Construction knowledge & experience. Selling all price ranges and specializing in new construction & resales in Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties, I believe in the importance of conducting my real estate business with both Integrity AND Heart. As an alumni of Germantown Academy, I continue to be an active member of my alma mater. I currently reside in Lower Gwynedd with my husband of 20+ years and our two daughters.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!! It’s not just Selling Homes, it’s BUILDING Relationships with INTEGRITY AND HEART… and I look forward to working with you!