Chill Out...Ways to Manage Stress

by Jennifer Herman Lloyd 02/01/2019


I'll let you in on a little "secret"...this year one of my New Year's Resolutions was to "Stress Less" as a part of my healthier lifestyle journey. Stress is something that many people today have adopted as a normal part of their everyday life, myself included. We are constantly bombarded with all different types of stress inducing triggers and situations. We all know that a stressful lifestyle can have negative effects on our health. Although stress may be normal for most, it doesn't always have to be a part of your everyday life. 

Here are some ways you can help manage stress in your life:

  1. MEDITATE~ This is something I started doing about a year ago and wow has it made a difference for me! Meditating for 10-15 minutes a day (or whatever you're able to fit in) can help you to calm your mind, refresh & re-center yourself, focus, and be mentally rested for your day. We all know how very easy it is to become so caught up in the things we are doing or need to do, that we forget to be PRESENT WHERE WE ARE . Meditating is very simple, there are many different ways to do it, and you'll find that the more you meditate, the easier it is for you to do. Easiest way to start is by simply sitting or lying down in a quiet area. Close your eyes and breathe naturally without the urge to control your breath. Begin to focus on the rise and fall of your breath and release any negative thoughts you may have. Learn to breathe, stay positive, let the negativity go, and just be present, so you can enjoy your life.  
  2. EXERCISE~ Guess what? You don't have to do CrossFit, join a gym, run a marathon, or devote hours of your time to fit in a workout. Only 15 minutes a day can make a difference. Find something you can enjoy. Exercising can be simply going for a walk each afternoon to wind down from the day's activities, incorporating stretching, dancing to music with your kids, or practicing yoga or pilates before or after work. Mix it up every so often too so that you don't get in a rut! I'll go for a walk, play some tennis, run, use the pilates reformer, and even go horseback riding. It really doesn't matter what type of exercise you decide to do, just get out there, do it, and you'll start to feel less stressed! 
  3. EAT HEALTHY~ I know it sounds cliché but it's so important to eat healthy, well balanced meals. It's been almost two years since I gave up eating meat and went to a plant-based diet. What a difference it made in my life. Food has a lot to do with the way your body reacts to stress. For example, if you're already stressed, adding jolts of caffeine, can affect your body. Caffeine may cause you to become more stressed by giving you a temporary lift, only to leave you down and agitated later. Helpful hint, try to fill your meals with fruits and vegetables or "whole" foods rather than those that are processed. 
  4. TAKE A BREAK~ If there is something or someone who is continually triggering stress in your life, permit yourself to walk away for a while. Sometimes we just need to take a "breather". If you're overwhelmed with something, try walking away and come back to the task when you're more relaxed. Nothing works to our benefit when we're stressed out doing it.
  5. SHARE WITH SOMEONE~ A lot of freedom can happen when we share how we're feeling with someone we trust. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed over a situation, pick up the phone and call a close friend or family member. If you find yourself chronically stressed, consider seeing a professional counselor who can guide you through other methods of managing.
  6. FIND A MAGIC WAND OR GET A FAIRY GODMOTHER~ Just kidding of course, but if only it were that simple! A girl can dream tho...As a side note:Don't forget to smile and laugh! Having a sense of humour also helps with stress! 

Stress takes so much out of us mentally, emotionally, and even physically. It's time to take back your life and enjoy it by reducing your stress and focusing on your health. 

Looking to make your Home Buying or Selling Journey a little less stressful? Let me help you, contact me at [email protected] or 267-446-0667. Real Estate with Integrity AND Heart! With over 22 years of experience, Buy, Sell, New Construction, or Investment, I can help! Have Fun, Stress Less, & Let's GO! ~ Jen

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